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So I want to start by saying WOW!! I was very happy with the glacier and the wevape vape store KICKS ASS!! Sorry for the language but Thank you!!! For everything! never found an online company that has what I’m looking for and superb customer service!!! You have gone far beyond meeting my expectations it’s very very rare to see a company stand for your right for privacy and still provide excellent service with quality merchandise. Please keep up all the great work and once more THANK YOU!!

Anonymous WeVape Return Customer
Pat S.

Seems like we’ve been emailing each other for a little while now. I first sent you an email back in late August or early September after I had seen the Patriot Heating Element on a Touch of Modern. I was curious about what it was as I already owned an Aquamizer at that time. But now we’ve been emailing about missing items in an order & whatnot. First off I just want to give you a personal thank you. At first I was a little disappointed with customer service because I hadn’t heard from anyone after I had sent an email concerning the missing items. Then I left a message on your “live chat”, the next day I heard from you with an apology & discount code(AWESOME ALREADY!!), the next day I heard from you again letting me know everything was on it’s way. And then yesterday(Wednesday) I get my package & not only are my missing items in there but you throw in 3 dual & 1 single coil heating elements plus a complete Stealth kit on top of my missing items, wow! The Stealth mouthpiece is great! Until you hooked me up with it I could only use my Patriot with my Aquamizer & new Bong Attachment(I usually use the Glacier top for on the go)! I was completely happy with all of this being I just had a bad experience with Finish Line customer service earlier that same day. Then I took another look in my package & found a small hand written note,…from you. After I read it I was definitely left with a feeling of reassurance, that I will no doubt be shopping with WeVape again! I already recommend the Aquamizer to everyone that asks about it but now I have another reason to send them your way, SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! By far the best experience I’ve ever had after having a problem with my initial order! So thank you very much for this Aaron! You represent this company extremely well, you’re prompt, courteous & best of all hooked it up big time!

Pat S. WeVape Return Customer

I am a true dabber/vaper and the subtle changes u guys make to you dry herb atomizers (adding the screen elevating it from the coil) is stuff i never dreamed anyone would do haha. I was convinced that no one making vape pens actually smokes them until i found your site. Great products for true smokers and your Aquamizer is the best portable one on the market. Pretty cool that you guys continue to innovate gets me stoked about the culture again.

Taylor WeVape Return Customer

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