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A Timeline of California’s Dumb Marijuana Policy But Hopefully November 8 is Different

On Nov. 8, California voters will have the opportunity to legalize recreational use of marijuana. It won’t be the first time this issue has come up. The following is a comprehensive timeline of the Golden State’s legislative history with marijuana, which stretches back more than a century to the Poison Act of 1907. 1913: Addendum to the Poison Act […]

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Army Surgeon General Dismisses Science, Veterans Rights, Anecdotal Evidence and Public Opinion to Forbid Marijuana As PTSD Treatment

One would assume a human managing to ascend to the height of the Army’s highest (no pun intended) ranking surgeon would possess a modicum of common sense, especially when speaking words in public. In an astonishing display of cognitive dissonance (which is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or […]

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Still Isn’t Doing the Right Thing

We’re still waiting for Governor Chris Christie to sign a medical marijuana bill to treat various ailments including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) that he received around August 1st. 1 in 8 returning soldiers suffer from PTSD. While it’s politically expedient to label one’s self as an “outsider” or “maverick” or “whatever”, in […]

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Cannacloud and Keurig Not Working For Us

Are CannaCloud and Keurig not working for us? The CannaCloud is a vaporizer that utilizes preloaded marijuana in plastic packages like the Keurig coffee maker. These plastic packages, known as K cups, or CannaCups, are generally impossible to recycle. The reason being they must be constructed of plastics that maintain their integrity under the duress […]

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Patriot 2 Wax Atomizer is Here

The Patriot 2 wax atomizer upgrade is finally here. We addressed all the limitations of the G Pen, O Pen, Cloud Pen, Kandy Pen, etc. In fact, the Patriot 2 will work on most of those batteries as long as they have the 510 thread. As far as wax atomizers for vape pens go, none […]

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Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of All Time

It’s hard to know who to trust these days. On one hand, you want to believe in the process which led to the scientific discoveries that propelled the world forward. The vaporizers we sell on this site are a result of these scientific discoveries. On the other hand, it’s common practice for large companies like […]