Dry Herb Atomizer – Glass Globe


Low price and no long heating times with this 510 threaded dry herb atomizer with chrome mouthpiece. Optimized for vaping on the go with a pancake coil heating element covered by a screen to prevent combustion and lid to trap heat. Small chamber heats up in only a few seconds. See below for directions.

Add a sturdy chrome or black 3 way adjustable battery to this atomizer and you'll have everything you need to vape your dry herbs.

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Sometimes you get your hands on some herbs that are just too beautiful to burn – you’d rather stare and revel at the bountiful splendor. If you use our glass globe dry herb atomizer to vape the sacred offerings of mother nature, you will experience the true essence of the plant.


This atomizer works best at 3.5 volts and 8 watts. Screw the dry herb atomizer onto your battery and pull off the glass. Place ground herbs in bowl. Press and hold the power button on your vape for 8-10 seconds for herbs to heat up, then press the power again and inhale at a steady medium pace until the light flashes. Let the vape cool down for 30 seconds before hitting it again. This dry herb atomizer is good for two solid hits true vapor but if you want a super big one, try the double clutch method of letting go of the vape power button before the automatic shutoff and quickly pressing it again.

This dry herb atomizer is an effective weapon in your vape pen arsenal because it heats up in only a few seconds and the small easy to clean chamber allows you to always enjoy green hits without getting ashy scoobie snacks in your moth..

This dry herb atomizer is very easy to clean, just take the glass globe off and rinse it with hot water. For tough sticky buildup, try rubbing alcohol and salt. Here’s a pro tip – use a plastic ziplock bag to mix it all up when you’re cleaning. Just be careful – especially after medicating.

If you’re looking for an atomizer that hits a little harder, check out the Vhit Reload 2.

If you want to add a durable, powerful, and adjustable battery, shop here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime, we’d love to hear from you.

Weight 3 oz

Chrome, Black

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