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Dry Herb Atomizer: Vhit Reload 2 by Seego


Enjoy dry herb with extreme discretion with the Seego Vhit 2 dry herb atomizer. Perfect for the medication times when you’re out and about. The Vhit Reload 2 has a large chamber and uses a pancake coil heating element with an added screen filter to prevent herbs from pulling through.

Plus that dragon inlay is nice.

Extra heating element and brush included.

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The Vhit Reload 2 Dry Herb Atomizer

  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Cleaner burn than pipes – best one hitter you’ll ever find
  • Detachable heat source: completely separates for safe, easy cleaning
  • Comes with 2 replacement heating elements
  • Replacement dabber tool included
  • Mesh screen filters spent herbs
  • Ferocious yet subtle engraved dragon

The Vhit Reload 2 is a stunning combination of function and form. Seego has delivered a new and improved design – the mesh screen filter will block any spent herbs from getting through like a brick wall. It’s definitely an improvement on its predecessor, and considering the stylish new design makes this a strong contender for best dry herb atomizer on the market. It’s so easy to clean to, just push down on the mouthpiece and your spent herbs will soon be gone like the wind. You will not regret adding this atomizer to your collection, it’s perfect for on-the-move or relaxing at home.

Worried it won’t fit your vape? The Vhit Reload 2 will fit any 710 or 510 thread vaporizer.

Tips for best results

  • Always grind your herbs before vaping
  • Don’t try to overpack the chamber – sometimes less is more
  • Rinse chamber regularly with hot water
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds before you hit it
  • Keep pulling for a few seconds after the heat stops

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Weight 9 oz

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