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Patriot 2 Heating Element for Concentrates with MagneSeal Technology


The Patriot 2 replacement heating element is a premium upgrade for your vape pen now available NOW

Dual Quartz or Titanium heating element

4 holes in the airflow boosting base

Patent-Pending MagneSeal Technology cone shaped lid attaches via magnet not screw thread, allowing for quick packing and splash and stick reduction

Comes with a free silicone container

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Here it is. The Patriot 2 wickless concentrate heating element with MagneSeal Technology addresses everything we don’t like about vape pens. Vape pens are weak and lack proper airflow. Perhaps they are sufficient portable devices but for serious dabbers, their atomizers fail to provide that deep, inner satisfaction that comes from a hit that fills your entire chest.

Glass gets sticky and splash concentrate all over the place, which means precious dabs are wasted. Nothing is wasted with the big blow torch dab rigs, even though you’re burning away many of the precious turpenes. You can fire grams of dab through them without anything left over. The caps in some of the higher end wax atomizer heating elements get oil linked into them, which makes the cap stick to the dish.  Long story short, the vape pen dabbing experience is far from optimized, and so we wanted to bring something with the power of a stand-alone dab rig with the portability of a vape pen.

Enter the Patriot 2 Heating Element for Concentrates

The Patriot 2 fills all of those needs:
-Big, adjustable holes in the base allow for up to 1000% more air that you can adjust as you see fit.
-We upgraded to the highest grade dual quartz and titanium heating coils that can withstand higher current with being overloaded and breaking and retains the integrity of a pure taste of concentrate.
-Our patent-pending MagneSeal Technology keeps the cone shipped lid firmly in place without getting stuck and significantly reduces splash and keeps concentrate in place without leakage.
-The inside of the cone is flush with the inside of the dish which allows excess viscous oil to slide back down towards the heat source.
-Extra large dish


510 thread
.8 ohm
10 to 20 watts
3.7 to 4.0 volts
12 mm at rubber fittings, making it compatible with most glass globe atomizers

Performance may often exceed recommended settings. This is simply the best, most powerful portable heating element on the market.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 x 1 x 1 in
Heating Element

Ceramic Disk, Dual Quartz, Titanium Spiral

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