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Best Herb Grinder by SharpStone®

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We spent years of frustration in our search for the best herb grinder. Here it is. The amazing SharpStone® brand herb grinder collects keef like a champ without getting too sticky.

Check below for our full SharpStone® Grinder Review. Comes with free keef scraper!

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Here’s our SharpStone® Grinder Review:

Let’s cut to the chase: this is the best herb grinder on the market right now. Bold statement, you may be thinking – and you are correct. But allow us explain what makes this grinder rank so high.

First off, it’s incredibly easy to use. The razor sharp diamond blades to grind the herb with extreme efficiency so you won’t have to struggle. The thin polly ring around the grinder’s top section makes for smooth grinding with no friction. The SharpStone® grinder can handle any kind of herb you want to throw in there, from dry and flaky to sticky and dense. This grinder goes to work so you don’t have to. Just fill it up and grind away – you’re gonna love the results.

Let’s be real, everyone knows the best part of owning a grinder is collecting the keef. However, the truth is that most weed grinders out there do not effectively collect much of anything.

Here’s what makes the SharpStone® grinder rise above the competition – it’s got a stainless steel pollen screen which filters out only the finest of keef crystals. The precious keef gets stored in an isolated chamber which unscrews separately, and you’ll be impressed with how much you can build up with after a few weeks of grinding. Save it for a rainy day, or sprinkle it on your herbs whenever you want to give it an extra kick. The choice is yours, friends. It even comes with a free keef scraper so you won’t waste anything having to use your fingers.

More info:

  • 2.2″ wide, comes in Grey Chrome
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod – the newest in CNC machining technology
  • Anodized for smooth finish – no wear or smudge marks
  • Stainless steel pollen screen to collect keef
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets for consistent closure

We’ve done the research – the best herb grinder is made by SharpStone®. Order yours today!

Weight 16 oz

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