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Ceramic Donut Replacement Heating Element 4 Pack

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Upgrade your vape pen and savor every last terpene in this ceramic donut heating element replacement

4 Pack

Rated for 10-15 watts

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The ceramic donut replacement heating element has revolutionized the way we enjoy concentrates in our vape pen.

It used to be that you needed a big dab rig to enjoy concentrates. Then the portable vape pen came along but it wasn’t quite right. Some were messy, other’s burned too hot, some not hot enough, but it all led us here.

A far step from the primitive world of silica and ceramic wicks that tasted like plastic and burned much too hot, the ceramic wick captures all the flavor and terpenes of your concentrates because the ceramic burns at the perfect temperature in a perfect circle.

Works with any 510 or 710 vaporizer

2 Pack

Rated for 10-15 watts

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in

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