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Nero Wax Atomizer Heating Element – 5 Pack

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Experience the purest essence of your oils with the 5-pack Nero wax atomizer replacement heating element as it heats up to 800 degrees without wicks or coils.

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How It Works

We are always searching for state of the art vapor technology, and Nero technology takes wax atomizers to a new level. No coils, no silica, no wicks, no wires, just a thin metallic plate that heats up instantly with anti-spill features. Self-cleaning with a super long life, this heating element has very little to no maintenance at all.

Unlike standard wire-wick wax atomizer heating elements, The Nero utilizes a thin nickel-alloy plate that heats up to 800 degrees and at this temperature, vapes any essential oils or concentrates.

Weight 3 oz

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