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Clover Vape Pen Battery


The Clover Vape Pen battery is a must have in your arsenal.

Matte rubber feels amazing in your hand, long lasting charge and 4.8 volts of power at your disposal.

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Specifications and Function

Variable Voltage:  3.3V-4.8V
Battery capacity:  2600 mAh
Battery cycles:  500 charges
Battery life per charge:  26 hours or more
Charge time:  4.5 hours or more (for fully drained battery)
Length:  121mm / 4 ¾ in.
Diameter:  20mm

5-Click Lock/Unlock Function – Click the button rapidly 5 times in a row to turn the battery on or off. Power button will flash 3 times. Press again, if power button does not light up it is turned off. If power button lights up it is on. Turning off the battery when not in use will prevent unintentional use in pockets, etc.

Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection – When the battery is on, if the power button is pressed continuously for more than 15 seconds the power button flashes 8 times and then powers off. Release the power button and then press again to continue vaping.

Short Circuit Protection – If a short circuit happens, the power button will flash 3 times and then shut down temporarily until the condition causing the short circuit is removed.

Battery Level Indicator Lights – The power button will display a different color for different battery levels.

White = 75%-100% power remaining
Blue = 25%-75% power remaining
Red = 0%-25% power remaining

Weight 3 oz

None, Aquamizer

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free shipping on orders over $50 Dismiss