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Enails Dab Rig


The best of the enails, this vaporizer dab rig has it all:

Spill-proof bubbler, domeless titanium nail carb cap, wireless, portable, and rechargeable.

Comes in a protective, locking suitcase.

Strong enough for your home, but portable enough to take with you! See video below for action!

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If you’re tired of machines and blowtorches, this vaporizer dab rig is the best of the enails. It heats up to dabbable temperatures in seconds with mere three clicks of a button, combining the function of a traditional domeless dab rig with the latest in vaporization technology. Powerful enough for your home set up and portable to take anywhere!

Simply press the button three times to heat the nail to 600 degrees, touch a dab of your favorite concentrate on the titanium nail, place the carb cap and you’re good to go!

Comes with:
Steel tool with carb cap
Spill-proof glass water attachment
1 silicone storage jars
2 Titanium Nails
USB Charger

Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 3 in

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free shipping on orders over $50 Dismiss