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iTaste VV Vaporizer Pen


The iTaste VV provides vaping perfection with the push of a button.

How can one vape pen be so durable, sleek, and functional?

Considering the price and versatility, the iTaste VV is arguably the best vape pen on the market right now. It’s everything you’ve always wanted in a portable vaporizer. It’s the the vape pen you’ve been waiting for.

Please see below for a more detailed breakdown as well as a link to an iTaste VV review. 

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About the iTaste VV vaporizer pen

what is the best vaporizer temperature?
Designed for heavy duty use, the iTaste VV is compatible with most vape atomizers on the market. With a powerful USB rechargeable battery which lasts for days, the iTaste VV allows you to easily adjust the voltage or wattage to meet your personal vaping preferences. Generally, a standard resistance atomizer will usually vape at around 3.7 volts but the iTaste VV goes to 5. And the wattage? These go to 11.

  • Voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments for an optimized vaping experience.
  • Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 11.0 W in .5 watts increments, ensuring optimized vaping.
  • Recommended Voltage/Wattage with Resistive Load Detection function by pressing “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously which prevents burnout.
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection helps protect the iTaste VV against faulty atomizers.
  • The iTaste VV 3.0 vaporizer battery monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the ecig or vape’s battery is low.
  • The iTaste VV 3.0 has a battery that utilizes an advanced capacity display via green, yellow and red LED lights.
  • You’ll know the status of the battery life by the changing colors of the LED Button.
  • The LED lights on the iTaste VV show Green, Yellow or Red to indicate Full Battery Life, Half Capacity or Charging Needed.
  • iTaste VV 3.0 vaporizer features a built-in 800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • Three fast clicks will power the device on or off. Once the device is on, pressing and holding the button will activate the vape pen. This safety feature prevents the atomizer from turning on, or accidental setting changes while you carry the vaporizer around with you in a pocket or bag.
  • The iTaste VV 3.0 can be recharged through any standard Micro USB Port and comes equipped with a Micro USB cable.
  • iTaste VV work as a pass-through device for simultaneous vaping and charging, which means the vaping never stops.
  • iTaste VV is threaded to accept 510 and 710 vape atomizers, including the iClear10, iClear16 and iClear30 atomizers.
  • The Puff Counter records how many puffs you have taken and will reset when the device is turned off.
  • The bright display shows Resistance (ohms), Voltage, Wattage, Atomizer Voltage Output, Puff Count, and most recent settings on the vaporizer.

How to use the iTaste VV 3.0 Pocket Vape Pen

The iTaste VV is a “pass through through vape pen battery”, which means you can use it while it’s plugged in – another reason why the iTaste VV 3.0 is the ranked as the best vape pen on

The iTaste VV 3.0 accepts all 510 and 710 attachments making it the best vape pen for quitting smoking. Please see our vape atomizers where you can shop for attachments for the iTaste VV (we recommend our custom designed Aquamizer bubbler attachment).

Vaping is also an effective way to quit smoking cigarettes and iTaste VV battery can help with that too. Using a vape pen doesn’t burn the materials – which is how cancer causing carcinogens get into your lungs. Vape pens allow you to experience the benefits of quitting smoking, like better sleeping and breathing. Because there’s so many vape atomizers that this works with, the iTaste VV is is the only vape pen you’ll ever need.

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