What Is Dabbing?


If you’ve ever asked the question, “what is dabbing”, it’s a craze sweeping the nation. In our last post we talked about marijuana wax, and that is what you are enjoying when you are dabbing. It’s literally taking a little dab of wax, concentrate, BHO, hash, etc and smoking it.

Dabbing is really great because it’s far more potent that marijuana flowers. You take one dab and feel like you smoked an entire joint. That might sound overwhelming, and it certainly can be; the reason being that’s about how much marijuana it took to create that one dab. Marijuana flowers yield 10-20% of it’s weight in concentrated THC and it looks like a delicious golden elixir. But if you take a tiny hit, you are getting a pure dose of THC without any of the plant matter of the marijuana flower. This makes it more efficient that smoking marijuana. 70% of the smoke in the best marijuana is useless. The best marijuana in the world is only 20-30% THC.  Your pipe gets full of resin and residue from burning all that plant matter.

You can take little dab, stick it in a vape pen, press a button, and get as high as you want. You can take it around with you and discretely dab wherever you want. The smell is far less obvious too.  We sell atomizers specifically designed to conceal their purpose, like the Stealth atomizer, which is shaped like an ejuice atomizer. People will think you’re just vaping.

You can use a big rig, or you can use an Aquamizer or our bong attachment, both function the same as a big dab rig but without the hassle.

Now that the walls of prohibition are crumbling down all over the country, soon there will be a dispensary near you where you can explore the beautiful world of concentrates and really discover what dabbing is all about!