What is Marijuana Wax?


Marijuana is a flower that contains all kind of delicious fun called “cannabinoids.”

Cannabinoids are the reason you like marijuana.

When one smokes or vaporizers marijuana, cannabinoids get released and bind to the cannabinoid receptors hardwired into all human brains and compel the euphoric experience we know and love.

The most common cannabinoids are THC and CBD, or tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, which are the primary psychoactive and therapeutic components and what marijuana wax is, the gold-colored glassy extract that “shatters” when cold and becomes viscous and sticky at warmer temperatures.

Marijuana wax is pure thc extracted from the flower.

Marijuana wax is extracted in a variety of ways but mainly via the cold-water press method, butane extractions, and heat pressing.

Heat pressing has changed the game. Concentrates were generally limited to states with recreational or medicinal marijuana, but now anyone anywhere can make their own marijuana at home; all you need is parchment paper and a hair straightener.

Marijuana wax is the purest way to experience the therapeutic benefits of the flower. A vaporizer like the aquamizer does an excellent job of making it easy.