The Dry Herb Atomizer Quandary

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While the benefits of vaporizing marijuana have long been discussed and debated, one thing is clear – vaping is on the rise and here to stay. As more and more states end marijuana prohibition, those who choose to partake will become enlightened (or overwhelmed) by the recent advancements in getting high. Our public focus on health will also influence people to seek out less harmful ways than smoking.

Although certainly not a new idea, vaporizers have come a long way from the days of the wooden box and plastic tube, to the elaborate (and outrageously overpriced) Volcano, to now with the simple yet effective dry herb atomizer for vape pens.Achieving true vaporization in a dry herb atomizer is difficult because vaporizing marijuana in flower form is a very delicate process. The dry herbs must heat until reaching the precise temperature that releases its active ingredients. In most handheld vaporizers like the Pax, Titan, or Firefly, this can takes at least 2 minutes.

Up until recently, dry herb atomizers could not heat up fast enough or long enough to get a true vape because of the standard 10 second vape pen shutoff. Other dry herb atomizers like the Vhit series rely on heated coils that touch the herb and actually cause combustion – as in, it burns. It’s a cleaner way to experience your dry herbs than a bowl or joint, but you can’t say you’re really vaping the weed.

At WeVape, we’ve developed a dry herb atomizer that is essentially a  two-hitter vape pen which does produce true vapor. It’s simple: we reduced the size of the chamber, added a screen so the herb doesn’t touch the coils, and a top with a hole in it for airflow. Grinding the herb is essential because when it comes to vaporization, air is your friend. Press and hold the power button on the vape pen for 7-8 seconds to allow the chamber to heat. Let go and then press it again, inhale slowly, and you will get at least two elevating hits of delicious vapor from the dry herb atomizer, as well as getting the most out of your sacred herbs.

We know these are hard times and shelling out $200 bucks for a vaporizer may not always be an option. Not only are our dry herb atomizers reasonably priced, but you gain the versatility of the vape pen battery. Our vape pen batteries are true chameleons – the standard 510 thread can fit other atomizers. We recommend the Stealth Wax Atomizer as a nice companion piece. Hey, you never know when you’ll come across some tasty wax or shatter to fire up in the pen.

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