Historical Background of E-cigarette

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E-cigarette or electronic cigarette somehow seems like a conventional cigarette. Yet, there are features which make it different from the old or conventional one. It can be rightly said that it is the developed and the revolutionized electronic form of conventional cigarette.

An e-cigarette, or e-cig, is used to inhale flavored liquid which can contain nicotine. It is handheld and battery operated device. It is being puffed and inhales the nicotine in the vaporizing form as an aerosol mist. There is a small chamber in e-cigarette which contains an atomizer and this atomizer is instilled for the conversion of nicotine into an aerosol vapor. The chamber is refilled when the nicotine ends.

Various sizes and designs of e-cigarettes are available and tailored. They are designed in a different way to suit individual preferences. This act while a person is using an e-cig is called vaping as a convention and those who use them are called vapers. well, different names can be in different nations.

Dates back to its patents

The e-cigarette was first patented in 1963 by an American named Herbert A. Gilbert, he invented the smokeless and non-tobacco cigarette, unlike the tobacco cigarette. This invention had the essence of its original cigarette but with having an alternative mechanism which involved the replacing of burning tobacco and paper with, moist and heated flavored steam.

This device for the first time produced flavored air without nicotine. The patent was approved and granted in 1965.

Gilbert’s invention was not given that much credit and appreciations also due to the prevailing fashion of smoking of a simple cigarette. At that, it gained very little considerations and by that time it was not commercialized.

After that Favor cigarette was introduced in the year 1986 and it was another inflammable product that was used for the modern way of smoking.

In 1979, Phil Ray, one of the engineer of computers along with his fellow tried to invent a device like an e-cigarette but it was not electronic in a way. They did first formal research work on this sort of cigarette but it was not found promising reliable product.

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist is known and acknowledged for the electronic cigarette. He made first nicotine modern e-cigarette and it was patented in 2003. Hon Lik was the first who produced this product and sell into the markets. It was the first time that this product got attention publically and was commercialized acknowledged very initially in China and after that its business boomed on an international level.

Its demand increased by the years, especially in American states. There are 60 % who are found to be smoking and 40% of the Americans are who have smoked once. Its demand increased more when it was launched in the market of Asia. Not only this but also that people ordered them online when it became so much famous and commercialized.

In 2006, it was introduced in the market of Europe. It was replaced with the original cigarette.

In 2008, in Turkey, the health minister of turkey, suspended the sale and purchase of electronic cigarette. drugs and pharmacist directors were of the view that it should be combated as it is harmful to the lungs and overall health of individuals. So it is banned over there but it is being sold online.

Generations of e-cigarette

There are various types of e-cigarettes which have been developed differently in different eras. These variations are on the basis of their mechanisms, shapes and furthermore, the ways of refilling are different.

There are basically four generations of e-cigarettes.

The first generation of e-cigarette

In comparison to the conventional one, the e-cigarette of the first generation is heavier. It has one node on which an LED light is fixed which pops up. It is also named as cig-a-like.

The second generation of e-cigarette

It is a developed form of the first generation of e-cig. It is larger in size, called a personal vaporizer seems like a laser pointer.

The third generation of e-cigarette

It is also available in the market in various different forms and shapes. It is again larger in size than that of the personal vaporizer. It has a button which is pressed to trigger the e-cigarette. The source of energy is also placed which known as a mod. The mod is of two types:

  1. Mechanical Mod
  2. Regulatory Mod

The fourth generation of e-cigarette

It is more advanced, more powerful and innovative in nature. It is recently introduced in the market and its business is also booming.

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