A Couple Electric Nail Dab Options

With marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, it’s time to step out of the cage of that brick weed you’ve been getting from your friend who lives in their parents basement. Soon you’ll be able to go down to the corner and buy the best marijuana in the world. Once that is option available to you, you can see there is a whole world of getting high beyond the flower.

Marijuana concentrates are the result of a process that distills the essence of the plant, THC, with solvents or heat. The best marijuana has at most 30% THC and extraction allows you enjoy 100% of it.

Once you find a good batch of concentrate, we have a couple electric nail dab options to consider.

Everyone is going to have an opinion on what they prefer. Here at WeVape, we think the big dab rigs are overkill. They’re not necessary. For someone just looking to get high and feel good, a dab rig is going to make you think your soul is trying to escape, and that’s not an every day experience. If you’re looking to just get high off some concentrate without having a spiritual awakening, the 74 by WeVape has the ritual of a blow torch rig without the hassle. You just need need to press the power button and wait for the electric nail to heat hot enough to place your dab.

Another electric nail you can dab with is the Aquamizer vape pen bubbler. You just need to place your dab directly on the electric nail that’s made of dual quartz or titanium, press a button, and you’re off to the races.

See the electric nail dab options in action below:

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