The Next Battle of Marijuana Legalization

In the past 2016 election, four states outright legalized recreational marijuana: California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts.

With California legalizing marijuana, the entire west coast is now a safe haven for marijuana enthusiasts. With Colorado reporting marijuana revenues of over $1 billion in the state alone, the legal market in the United States will easily surpass $100 billion. This economic windfall supersedes revenue obtained through funneling marijuana users into the legal system and now they have no choice but to end the war on liberty and freedom to fall in line with the will of people.

Despite over two thirds of the nation favoring marijuana legalization, state governments just can’t help themselves to stubbornly include legal punishments for marijuana. In Massachusetts, selling marijuana outside the regulatory system could result in thousand dollar fines and two years in prison.

This begs the question of the function of government. Is it to service the needs of the people or act as an thuggish corporate subsidiary? Who is hurt by regular people buying and selling weed outside of a regulatory system? Revenues of marijuana businesses and tax revenue by state government.

Despite the myriad social benefit of legalizing, the penalty for depriving business and government of revenue, a non-violent activity, is still human beings locked in cages.

Locking human beings in cages for non-violent activity is an abomination of morality and shouldn’t be an option available to anyone.

The fight against tyranny is never ending, as power will never concede an inch. Our next battle as free humans must be to deny government the option of locking us in cages for non-violent activity.