Selling Marijuana On Craigslist And Controlling Behavior


What’s wrong with selling marijuana on Craiglist?

In Colorado, a state that legalized marijuana by a landslide is attempting to criminalize advertising by unlicensed sellers of recreational and medical marijuana. This autocratic action comes courtesy of State Senator Irene Aguilar of Denver, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate, who said it’s necessary to crack down on unlicensed sellers by criminalizing the act of placing ads for marijuana sells. “If you don’t have a license to sell marijuana, you may not advertise to sell marijuana,” said Aguilar.

Why not?

On one hand, the state regulates marijuana quality and whether the weed contains banned pesticides, pests, or mold.

But on the other hand, simply being alive has intrinsic risks. Falling out of bed kills 450 people every single year. Dogs kill 34 people every year. Ants kill 30 people every year. Vending machines kill 13 people every year.

Marijuana kills no one.

So what’s going on here? Does the state know something we don’t?

It’s a tricky business controlling human behavior and telling adult humans what they can and can’t do, especially when the behavior in question is a non-violent one. Humans controlling behavior of other humans through force spans antiquity but its never resulted in ubiquitous blind obedience and subjugation because:

Humans will do whatever they want no matter what

Every heard of Pablo Escobar? He sold cocaine. Lots of it. If Pablo Escobar was never born, do you think cocaine wouldn’t be enjoyed by Americans? Of course it would. Americans love cocaine. Millions of them are snorting it up their noses as we speak. If Pablo Escobar didn’t supply all that cocaine, someone else would. Actually, someone else is, because Pablo Escobar is currently awaiting federal drug charges in New York as we speak, and cocaine is still being consumed with undiminished enthusiasm. Remember prohibition? That ill advised time when the United States banned alcohol? Did people stop drinking? No. Consumption of alcoholic libations continued unabated.

The point is simply humans will do whatever they want to do, no matter what, and of all behaviors to relegate (and with diminishing public resources), time and money is better spent investing and forging relationships within the community rather than targeting non violent behavior with law enforcement. It’s actually a conflict of interest for police, given that their unions actively contribute to keeping marijuana illegal.

Our system is unfathomably stupid. It’s no longer a democracy. In 2017, a time when you can get a blowjob from a robot, we operate from scrolls written hundreds of years ago. We have 1 president for 350 million people chosen by 50 million people. Humans responsible for making decisions that directly affect the wellbeing of those 350 million and indirectly affect 7 billion, are allowed to receive unlimited amounts of money from virtually anyone in exchange for favors (read BRIBERY). We lock people into little cages for years for smoking and selling dried plants, some for life. Voting, a right afforded every American over 18, can’t be done online but the entire world’s financial system and our national defense are. With such rampant corruption and injustice, our system does not function to serve anyone or greater good except it’s own at best, and harms billions at worst.

The marijuana retailers and the politicians in Colorado have a tacit arrangement enjoyed by big business in government for decades: They pay taxes and operate within the government regulations, and the government takes out anyone who doesn’t.

Marijuana businesses are now paying lots of taxes to the state of Colorado so naturally through the system of capitalism, government and business maintain a symbiotic relationship. The business enriches the government via taxes and campaign contribution and in return, the government functions as a profit protecting thug.

Selling marijuana on Craigslist, if left unmitigated, could theoretically hurt marijuana sales of marijuana businesses, which would then mean less tax revenue for the government. Therefore, it’s in the interest of both business and government to wipe out selling marijuana.

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