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Aquamizer Vape Pen Bubbler Attachment


No heat up time. No flames. No torches.

The Ceramic donut heating element option is suitable for wax and flowers at low settings.

Fits all batteries.

Clear selection
complete the look

The Aquamizer vape pen bubbler attachment is a revolutionary innovation years in the making.

With all the joys of a water-filtered hit without the hassle of constantly cleaning ash, our exclusive vape pen bubbler attachment produces HUGE milky white clouds of vapor guaranteed to take YOU to The Next Level.

Compatible with most vape pens and batteries (510 thread), the Aquamizer is small enough to carry to any event, yet capable of opening your third eye and compelling a mystical experience that will impress even the toughest of vape snobs.

“Welcome to the future,” you will say, as they look at you with stifled envy.

You are the life of any party the moment you show off your Aquamizer.

“Dab rig? I happen to have one right here,” as you pull reveal it from your pocket. They’ll love it, and you.

With a beautifully sleek blend of custom designed glass, our bubbler attachment comes equipped with it’s own heating system perfect for vaping wax, crumble, shatter, bho or any other form of hash oil. No open flames or hot nails needed – your safety is our priority.

The Aquamizer is a durable beast to add to your atomizer collection. When combined with the Patriot heating element and a powerful mod, you get a dabbing experience strong enough for home use but portable enough to travel with. One cocksure intern who claims to have been “running some tests,” reports that the Aquamizer vape pen bubbler attachment can boldly withstand a 4 foot drop on kitchen tile floor (we have a video of a fellow handling the Aquamizer in its box the way the Post Office probably does).

For any accidents however, the Aquamizer comes with a 30 day Breakage Guaranty:

If you break your Aquamizer within 60 days of purchase, we will give 50% off your replacement.

Other Features:

  • Discrete, odorless, efficient
  • Comes with custom fit box ready for travel
  • Easy access for on the move – whether it’s at the lake, gym, or office
  • Easy to clean – pour salt into base, mix with hot water. Cover both ends and shake.

Trust us, there’s nothing like it. Order yours today and see for yourself.

Welcome to the future.


-Single coil wick is 2.0 ohms and functions best at 4.2 volts
-Dual coil wick is 1.5 ohms and functions best at 5.2 volts and 15 watts
-Patriot is .8 ohms and functions best between 10 and 15 watts, although some hard hitters report being able to go to 20 watts.

Weight 16 oz
Heating Element

Patriot 2 Ceramic Disk, Patriot 2 Titanium Dual Quartz, Ceramic Donut, Titanium Dual Quartz


iStick 30, none

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free shipping on orders over $50 Dismiss