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Wax Atomizer – Dual Coil Ceramic Wick

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This is that wax atomizer you warn your vape pen about. Armed with a serious dual ceramic wick and metal mouthpiece, this beautiful glass wax globe atomizer packs a mean punch.

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Wax Atomizer with Double the Power

This wax atomizer is a monster, so buyer beware – and proceed with caution. Seriously, look out! It’s not messing around, this wax atomizer is a force to get wrecked with. It’s that atomizer that comes ready to play, so you better give it at least 4 volts when you fire it up.

“So what makes this the best wax atomizer?”, you are asking.

Let’s start with the obvious – more coils means more room – not to mention more power. This wax atomizer has twice the surface area as your average single coil ceramic wick atomizer. Double the flavor, double the fun.

If you’re reading this, you’re a winner already. You already know that vaping is superior to smoking weed. Not only that, but you probably already know that concentrates are a more efficient way to go about getting stoned. As an educated consumer then, it’s important to find the best atomizer for hash oil, wax, shatter, or whatever concentrate you choose to vape with – the choice is yours. Lucky for you though, we’ve done the research. We have qualified men in an undisclosed location working around the clock to develop cutting edge atomizers and accessories for vaping weed.

So here’s the point: this is a great atomizer for vaping wax or oil.

The dual ceramic wick solves the sticky problem of wax buildup. You know what we’re talking about – it’s a bummer to re-center the wax after each hit. This wax atomizer is on a mission to melt away the stickiest of the ickiest. There’s nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide. Just pack it up, pack it in – then let this wax atomizer begin to do what it does best: crush.

This is the wax atomizer you are seeking, the one you have been waiting for.

We don’t just vouch… we put our name on it!

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 in

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