The Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana


The Benefits of Vaporizing Marijuana

Not only is vaping marijuana super cool, it’s also a benefit to your health! For instance, in Canada, the European Union, and even New York City, vaporizers are endorsed and approved by the respective governmental institutions. This is because vaping has been found to be beneficial in terms of lung health.

Vaping gets rid of the combustive and carcinogenic elements that are typical byproducts of smoking marijuana. Vaping, as a result, cuts down on lung cancer, bronchitis and bronchiole inflammation. Since vaping heats marijuana at a much lower temperature, users inhale purer cannabinoid vapors without also inhaling harmful byproducts.

The benefits of vaporizing marijuana also include the reduction of up to 95% of inhaled smoke and also increases the release of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that aid the lungs in fending off irritation. Research also suggests that vaping can actually reverse previously invasive respiratory symptoms. Studies show that vaporizers typically convert nearly 95% of available THC and delicious terpenoids into vapor while a typical marijuana doobie yields less than 25% of THC because it is destroyed in the combustion process.

Many users also claim to feel more functional by vaping marijuana than smoking it traditionally or eating edibles/tinctures. Vaping also allows novices to take shallower and smaller puffs which help new users to become acclimated to the smoking process. Moreover, inhaling vapors reduces inflammation of the throat and also mitigates coughing fits.